Ps.Arthritis is a campaign to help those with psoriasis learn more about psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Check our animation, graphics and videos for all you need to know about PsA, and if you’re already living with psoriasis or PsA, our top tips can help you to protect your joints.

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PsA aware

Comedian, actor and presenter Toby Hadoke gives his view on psoriasis and why those living with the condition need to be PsA aware.

Why take note of PsA?

Our info sheet explains everything you need know.

What are the signs of PsA?

Read our info sheet to find out.

What's a PEST?

Dermatologist Sandy McBride explains how to use this simple questionnaire to check your joints

If you're living with psoriasis, follow these top 10 tips to watch out for PsA.
If you're living with PsA, follow these top 10 tips to protect your joints.

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